Subscription Plan

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it all? Let us take care of you to-do list! With our monthly subscription plan, you get a dedicated handyman to complete any of the tasks below!

Your $175 subscription plan includes the following:

  • One FREE month when you sign a one-year contract (a $175 value)

  • One 2-hour visit per month that focuses on tasks of your choice (listed below)

  • Additional time may be added to the visit for $75/hour

Exterior Services

  • Gutter inspection/cleaning

  • Clean exterior dryer vent

  • Winterize exterior water lines

  • Address any needed caulk repairs, vent obstructions, etc.

  • Install/remove screens

  • Repair hose bib leaks

  • Spread mulch


  • Clean refrigerator coils/compressor

  • Change refrigerator filter

  • Clean exhaust fan

  • Toilet repairs

  • Clean dryer vent line

  • Basic plumbing repairs

  • Clean aerators

General Services

  • Replace light bulbs

  • Replace smoke alarm batteries

  • Paint touch up

  • Hang blinds

  • Product assembly

  • Drain water heater

  • Hang pictures or TV

  • Replace air filters

Don't see a task listed above that you're in need of? Ask us!

You can sign up by filling out the form below. You can also call/text or email us. 540-293-2081 or